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ARCHIMIA will help you implement your architectural project, whether it be a residential home or a commercial project. Interior design, space planning, complete or partial renovations, new build or extensions, these are all within our specialties. Our expertise and know-how are at your disposal to improve your living space, whether personal (villa, flat) or professional (boutique, showroom, offices, hotel, ….).


From a simple design consultation, furniture selection, materials, colours and ambiances to a complete turn-key internal and external remodelling, our experienced team of architects, interior architects and designers will rise to the challenge and meet all your requirements.


We can also assist you during your acquisition of a property to renovate. A professional opinion is invaluable to help you make the right decision, as you can be appraised of the actual state of the property and the extent of the works. We would be delighted to put our network of agencies at your disposal to optimise your search.

Why use our interior architecture agency ?

 - Our team of interior architects and designers, armed with more than 10 years’ experience in high-end projects, will plan functional and harmonious spaces, work the volumes, lighting, a fluid circulation and select furniture, colours and materials.

 - Working with a licenced and insured interior architect will ensure a trouble-free project from inception to completion (Ten-year warranty and Third Party Civil Responsibility insurance).

 - Our experience and tools we use during the conception stage (plans, sketches, 3D images, …) will allow you to visualise the product and thus make the right choices. These graphical elements are essential for the construction or renovation of a property.

 - Our expertise in all aspects of the construction process allows us greater transparency and precision during the tender process. It also guarantees the choice of dependable, reputable and competitive contractors. Entrusting your project to an interior architect is often more cost-effective than to engage alone in the various stages of the construction, renovation or extension of a property.

 - An interior architect knows how to anticipate issues and find the most appropriate solutions, resulting in considerable time-saving during the construction phase.

 - We work hand-in-hand with government licenced architects and specialised engineers (structure, mechanical and electrical, acoustic, ….) in order to respond to all types of requirements and offer the most suitable technical solutions to your project. This does not only produce an environmentally-conscious and energy-efficient product but also ensures that the works are carried out to the highest standards.

Area of operation

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ARCHIMIA conceives and implements interior and exterior development projects in the Pays Basque (Biarritz, Anglet, Bayonne, Bidart, Saint Jean de LUZ, …), in the souther Landes (Soorts-Hossegor, Capbreton, Labenne, …), and throughout France and overseas.

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